MultiChoice Namibia is delighted to showcase the popular feature film, The White Line on DStv’s BoxOffice on 13 February 2021.

The award-winning film, which has screened globally, is set in Windhoek during the apartheid era where love between different races was uncommon. Despite this, a domestic worker and police officer fall in love and tackle segregation and violence in a world set against them.

“Filmed in 14 days on location, The White Line is a passion project brought to fruition by a trio of exceptional first-time filmmakers, who felt compelled to capture a piece of Namibian history, in a way it hasn’t been told before,” says first-time director, Desiree Kahikopo-Meiffret. “Though it was challenging, it was well worth the blood, sweat and tears to capture the breaking down of barriers of two human beings, without vilifying or victimizing one side of the movie.”

Further sharing that the Namibia Film Commission (NFC) was a tremendous help on their journey, Kahikopo-Meiffret says the film wouldn’t have been possible without the support and guidance of Florence Haifene, Executive Secretary for NFC.

 Girley Jazama, multi award-winning actress, plays the role as the film’s lead Sylvia and says the role challenged her. “She embodied the struggle of those that came before me. I felt her pain and the pain my forefathers endured. It is sad that today as a society, people are still judged by the colour of their skin and that racism is still plaguing our society.”

Jazama adds that she always strives to give an authentic representation of a character that is relatable to an audience and hopes the audience learns something from Sylvia’s challenges and struggles. “Getting out of character was hard, because I was angry with anything and anyone who represented what I deemed to be the apartheid government”, said Girley,

The film also stars Jan-Baren Scheepers, Sunet van Wyk, Muhindua Kaura, Mervin ‘Cheez’ Uahupirapi, Charl Botha, Joalette de Villiers, Vanessa Kamatoto, and Desmond Katamila.

“The White Line is a reflection of what our history was and what still lingers on today in our society, but in the heart of the story lies resilience, hope and human connections that surpass race,” says Michael Pulse, the writer behind the film. “We all want to love who we love and for all those around us to accept this love. I had to look deep into myself while writing this story and ask, ‘what does loving without holding back mean to me?’ and I think that is what The White Line is – standing by your love unapologetically.”

“As Africa’s most loved storyteller, we are to showcase the best of local Namibian content on our platform while sharing a glimpse of our history with African viewers,” says MultiChoice Namibia Managing Director Roger Gertze.

Gertze further added that the demand for local content has increased exponentially. 

“The Namibian film and television industry have come up with a multiplicity of stories told in a creatively diverse way, reflecting our rich cultural background and unique position globally, such as the team behind The White Line. We believe in enriching lives through Namibian stories while celebrating our continent. Platforms such as BoxOffice on DStv have made it a priority to showcase Africa’s video content and we are proud to be a part of this historic moment,” Gertze states.


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