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There is a rhino roaming among us

There is an intriguing rhino in the city of Windhoek, something to distract you from the current affairs.

There is a very visible and unmistaken pile of white chalk-like animal grazing the lawn of the Collage of the Arts, which pretty much cries for a drop of water, in the heart of the Windhoek central business district. Something no one can miss for the past few weeks.

Even so in the dark times where the fear, anxiety and paranoia imposed by the deadly COVID-19 among us is engulfing the air.

Indeed its a white rhino and more astonishing, it decided to graze the weird lands in the midst of imposing structures of glass and mortar which is the Windhoek marvel.

Well surprising or not that is the work of art, it has a way of creating interest to those who follow, confusion to those who least love it and perhaps surprises to those who have no hoot what artist do.

Being one of those that follow at one point, I almost thought hail this white rhino that decided to leave the majestic wilderness of Etosha National Park and the ever green grass in such a gigantic park to come and graze in a the most unfamiliar place in Windhoek CBD.

Perhaps I have my weird imaginations but trust me it’s not mysticism or hallucinations there indeed is a white rhino in our midst in Windhoek, one just has to visit the theatre school to see it.

Even better there is no payment attached to see this marvellous piece of art whose imposition on a foreign landscape of men wearing suits and carrying the latest gudgets and women in equally irresistible fashions walking to their place of work is more mind boggling than it is inspiring.

But that is the art for you.

In as much as my imaginations are weird, they are far fetched from the reality that this is a simple campaign perhaps by an artist from somewhere to save our rhino’s but indeed there is a white rhino among us.

My imaginations continue to confuse me becuase every time I visit this splendid work of art that is curved in chalk stone, I never get a chance to get information on what the rhino is doing in Windhoek.

There is not much written about it or on it, well perfectly fine while would you expecting a novel written on a peace white rhino grazing in the heart of Windhoek.
That will perhaps be causing pain to a peaceful white rhino among us. Instead let’s let it graze till we all know everything about it.

There is neither a discription on it nor anyone to explain anything about but well it’s a rhino among us that many are loving to share the space with these days than to ignore.

Perhaps that’s the mystery of it, it’s a piece of art that has a strong word for those decimating our much loved and protected white rhino at the same time create a fascination to those that keep their love for art.


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