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“They said I couldn’t do it” EES

By: Dalene Kooper

EES’s new single proves them wrong!

Veteran kwaito singer, EES has just dropped his second single from the long-awaited new “Game Changer” album and this one has a straight to the face message.

Since the beginning of his music career, EES has broken many cliches or norms in the industry. From his first big hit “International” to his many collaborations with different artists and genres. He has definitely united a nation under the Namibian flag not caring much about what people say to him – what he should or should not do with his background.

Quite early on, he had the vision of taking Namibian Music to another level internationally and EES has proven that he can do this on multiple occasions already, including the MTV Award, winning X-Factor Germany with his band, Channel O Best Kwaito Music Video in Africa just to name a few.

But it hasn’t always been sunshine and roses, as with success, comes the haters and doubters. People have tried to pin cultural appropriation and other hidden agendas to his name and style and Big Major Record Labels trying to convince him to change his style of music to better fit into the industry.
However, he just kept on a strong path to what he believed in, including releasing clean-up videos for a better future for Namibia. All this and more has been summarized in his new single called “100”.

A very minimal style afrobeat with the chorus straight starting off with: “They said I couldn’t do it – but I done it!” ecstatic EES wrote.
A high-quality video production shot by the Berlin-based production company “Bloom Collective” by director Felix Spitta who was invited by EES to Namibia to shoot the video at various special local locations.

EES says the support by local companies including Cymot & Pick N Pay was totally amazing.

“They closed the shop and let us shoot till late at night with the whole camera team – giving us the opportunity to shoot at locations that are usually not easy to shoot at!”

EES really had no issues talking about many things in the new single that had been thrown at him in the past. There is a scene in the video where he is in a cafe and takes his coffee that he has just received from the waitress and empties it completely over a record deal, symbolizing the deal with one of the Major Labels he had in the past. Another scene shows him in the middle of the desert watering a cactus, symbolizing how he kept believing in his dream.

One thing that we can be sure of is that there is always a Namibian Flag somewhere in any of EES music Videos, symbolizing his strong roots to his motherland – even if he is now less and less at home due to his plans to push his new album internationally.

If this is only the second single off the upcoming “Game Changer” album then it will surely change the game when it’s coming out.

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