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TK the Rapper defends Kaboy Kamakili from jealous artists

TK the Rapper has a word for rowdy upcoming artists hating on Kaboy Kamakili.

The young king Kaboy Kamakili who shot to fame instantly has been in the limelight for the Namibian public as well as artists and producers.
However, it is not all who talk of him wish him well. The young artist who hails from the Northern Regions of Namibia has been publicly and secretly spoken ill of with many saying he won’t last and that his fame will soon vanish. Fellow artist TK the Rapper took time to shut down musician tollers saying they should not be jealous. The Mbelewa rapper, in a tweet, said:

“I hear too many upcoming artists talking about Kaboy Kamakili being lucky and that BS, he deserves to be where he is. Let us not be jealous of each other but rather be inspired. Everyone has their time to shine, n right now# it is Kaboys time.”

King Tee Dee commented on the tweet saying there is no such thing as luck and he too gives advice.
“There is no luck but grabbing the chance when you get it and keep working hard with the right people and the right attitude.”


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