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To abort or not to abort

By Priscilla Mukokobi and Wilka Kayoko

The issue of legalising abortion has torn societey apart and sparked debate across religious, political and social lines. This followed robust debate on the issue in Parliament. unWrap.online engaged Namibian artist on the thorny issue and here is what some of them think.


“I am in full agreement of this, because I solely believe that women have the right to dictate what happens to their bodies. We have heard so many cases of women doing it illegally and the norm of unwanted pregnancies in society. As a medical practitioner, I have seen many cases of unsafe abortions and it results in permanent loss of fertility. Therefore, I am Pro-choice” she said.
She further clarified the misconceptions of the movement saying that it is not merely for absurd reasons, but to give women the right and choice to be on contraceptives and to practice family methods when they have not reached the necessary standards.


“This is quite a strong issue from what I have gathered in Namibia. Namibia first and foremost is a secular state ,hence we have the right as civilians to bring matters that concern our health and our wellbeing to our various legal institutions for review if we feel they are unfair and outdated. In a nation where rape is rampant and the respect for a woman’s body is non existent, there is a reason why mostly women and certain men want the issue of to be legally reviewed. ‘Can we as Namibian men vouch that we have been a good examples as fathers and caregivers for our women and children’ is a question we have to ask ourselves,” he said.
He further added that even if the law is passed, there will be issues to be dealt with such as counselling and case by case approach.


“I am against it, because it is very wrong. I am speaking from a Christian perspective and killing is a sin,” she said.

Kamati Ekanda
“I am not taking a side on legalisation of abortion. If they decide to legalise it, I hope there are strict regulations, terms and conditions on valid reasons only. For example, a teenager falls pregnant with a married man and the pregnancy may bring complications in the marriage, then they can come to a legal agreement to terminate the pregnancy.”
He further emphasised that both parties should come to a mutual agreement and legally declare with legitimate authority reason being that a party may find it as an offence, leading to domestic violence.


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