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Top Cheri is Garden Inn’s brand ambassador

Top Cheri is indeed having a great birthday as she shares exciting news on her new journey with Garden Inn.

Top Cheri shared the great news with her fans this morning. The superstar who is also celebrating her birthday has been announced as the Garden Inn’s brand ambassador. This means the Danisa singer will be using her influence to promote the establishment and its image. The starlet took to Instagram where she shared a post that read;
“Happy Birthday to me. Best Birthday Gift Ever!’s meet tonight at Garden Inn for my Birthday … “I will have wings. Thank You” Thank you @thegardeninn13 for the plug.”


Amongst other things, Top Cheri who also gave her fans a sneak peek to what they can expect from her visual-wise will also be planning various events at the establishment.


“It’s a new journey, it’s a process but I’m looking forward to this new journey,” she says.


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