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Treza gives it How You Want It

By: Loide Ambondo

Radio presenter, artist, and singer Treza Cooper has released her debut single titled ‘How you want it’. After dropping “Waste my time” in March the singer has decided to cement herself with an Extended Play Record (EP).

“The EP is still not done, but the idea or the plan is to drop it in August. It’s halfway done and I super exist for people to hear it,” said Treza.

The R&B singer says she is excited for the new song as she evolves into the sound she wants to present to the people listening to her music.

“It has been amazing to see other artists evolve and push boundaries putting the country on the map. I also want to see if I can do it and see if I can push boundaries particularly when it comes to the Namibian R&B genre,” said Treza.


The EP still have to two more songs before it’s done. She been recording with Jaleel, Chris Wayne, and planning to record with Brown Classic as well. “All of these guys are wonderful producers, and they’re going to be the ones to produce the EP for me,” she said.

According to Treza, her plan is to make six songs that people can jam and listen to. She says working on the EP was easier for her as she wants to focus on creating visuals for the EP as well thus working on the EP as an album.

“It’s also my very first full project, it’s my baby, and I’ve very much existed about it,” she mentioned.


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