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Ugly Creatures- retracing Namibia’s prior greats

By Julia Heita and Eutima Nakangombe 

Music is a mission, not a competition, or at least they all say so but the reality is the arts industry is tough and anyone is as good as their last act.

unwrap. online traces some of the country’s yesteryear heroes whose flame was blown off somewhere in the midst of success, fame, and fortune.

What’s in a name anyway. Well, theirs has nothing with a depiction of their facial looks but is a stern taste of live township jazz that evokes memories. Arguably one of Namibia’s best live stage performers, the ugly creatures are still going strong and somewhat have withstood the taste of time.

Their last public performance was a scintillating display of artistry at last year’s Annual Windhoek Jazz Festival in November.  

Ugly Creatures

Ugly Creatures was formed as a high school musical outfit at Martin Luther High School, near Okombahe, a small settlement about 70km west of Omaruru in 1971. Read more at http://www.windhoekjazzfestival.com.na/artists/Join us on the 2nd November 2019 as we celebrate this year Jazz.

Posted by Windhoek Jazz Festival on Thursday, 24 October 2019

One of the groups’ members Heloise N //Hoabeb said their anticipated regular performance has been rocked by many misfortunes from broken instruments to the COVID-19 dilemma. 

“An instrument was shipped to Johannesburg leaving us stranded and wanting. As we were struggling to make ends meet and find ways to rehearse, finalise our year-plan and prepare to record, COVID-19 hit the world followed by an absolute movement restricting lockdown” he said.

So what is their post COVID plan? 

“Covid-19 has changed the world and all industries forever. The entertainment industry is facing a huge challenge and a holistic rethink. In the meantime, we refocused and opted to each work individually to compose, writing that we can fast-track the intended recording once Covid-19 restrictions are lifted. The current restrictions are holding us as we are more than 10 members”, he added.

He added that “At the same, we are monitoring this and our focus now is to stay as healthy as possible, fit and relevant to kick-start our hindered plans, think of the guidance we might need to help plan when, and how, we can safely re-start, meet, rehearse and play together again. 

“It is likely that we might have activity dates soon. These may change from time to time as lockdown restrictions are lifted and or changed. ”

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