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Understanding DJ Potpher’s Battle Up project

RD Music of DJ Potpher to offer a chance for a northern-based artist to record with Lioness. Here is how he came up with the concept.

Northern-based artists are in luck as RD Music founder DJ Potpher ‘s latest initiative speaks to uprooting them. According to the hit producer, he saw the lack of support for artists and eventually came up with a solution, a project that will assist in their development and experience in the music industry.

“I believe real talent is buried in underground artists as most of them do not get a chance to represent themselves due to financial restrictions. Battle Up is one such project that will bring out the raw talent Hip Hop has to offer,” says DJ Potpher, founder of RD Music.
The first auditions have already been held with the first eight artists to be selected.

“Eight selected artists will be picked to battle in round one. Judges decide the fate of artists and a top three will move on to the finals. The three chosen artists will be tasked to freestyle to a theme that will be provided by the judges and this will lead to determining who the 2019 Battle Up winner will be. The winner of the competition gets a chance to record one song with the guest artist Lioness,” says DJ Potpher.


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