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Unstoppable Missannedastood keeps winning

Personality Anne Hambuda is on top of her game and we couldn’t help but wonder what keeps her going and perhaps learn a thing or two!

She is the girl with the smokey hot voice that will make you want to drop everything and just pay attention. She is also the queen that will captivate you with her mind arousing poetry and the very same one, who will have you up on your feet at every gig she hosts. The girl is too much and is most defiantly on fire when it comes to creativity.

Anne Hambuda, also known as Miss Annedastood has been doing the most lately in the entertainment industry with her unmatched people’s skills. Unwrap.online caught up with the multi-talented personality and asked her how she maintains her brand, school, juggling work with includes hosting events and being on management teams of artists.

“I meditate and do yoga daily to help me feel grounded and maintain a positive outlook”.
She further adds that constantly being herself enabled her to remain consistent, respecting herself as well as knowing her worth and not worrying what people think of her.

When asked how she balances both work and school, she told Unwrap.online that a lot of class time is always sacrificed to enable her to do to multiple things at once.

“I love school, but I don’t think I must let it consume all my time. I balance everything by doing subjects at my pace, but still also being entirely present and getting as much as I can out of it when I’m there,” says Anne Hambuda.

Anne Hambuda was recently announced as the offical presenter for the upcoming reality TV show The Drive, by Olive Entertainment. She says she is forever grateful for the opportunity and is excited to see what’s next. With the love of being on camera and connecting with people, makes the reality show a great fit for her.


Expect bigger and better and a whole lot of craziness from Anne Hambuda, as a content creator herself, she won’t allow herself to be put in a box.

“Every day I have a new idea and venture I want to pursue, I’m MCing some dope events before the year ends plus I’m gonna be doing some poetry on a soon to be released hit song,” says Anne Hambuda.


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