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#unWrapClapBacks of the week

Compiled by Jeoffrey Mukubi

Here are a couple of Namibian personalities who were not to be messed with this week!

King Tee Dee

All though “The Kwaito Master” has stayed out of controversy lately, he shared a graffiti portrait of himself that was done by a fan on Instagram jokingly writing “I was about to cry. This is me when I was The Dogg. Guys get your portrait done, the number is on the picture. Taah! Let the guy that did this enter heaven. Thanx man,” Other celebs commented under his post one of them being Luis Munana who wrote “Just cry my brother, Wow what a tribute,”

Top Cheri

Afro-pop queen, Top Cheri has not been very active on social media, but when she is, she is not one to be messed with. She recently replied to a tweet by @ShaanikaFab who wrote “Get your license and stop asking who’s travelling to north,” Top Cheri clap backed and wrote “ You can have a license an still ask who’s traveling to north, The license doesn’t travel to North nande Tate Wo headboard,”


Musician SlickArtie recently took to twitter and stirred a relationship debate after writing “Please stop announcing that you are single every time and every day. The guys have seen it and trust me they just don’t want you,” DJ Kiki then replied by saying she’s single and after she and SlickArtie had a back and forth, SlickArtie writing “Nobody wants you Felicia,” she wrote back “ Who said I want any,

Meriam Kaxuxwena

Meriam never strays too far from social media storms as she has always been one of Namibia’s contentious social lights. In a recent Instagram post she is seen posing in a BEBE bikini on top of a coffee table in a hotel somewhere in Miami, Florida writing “Please make me famous m too cute to look for a job,”

The post did get over 10 thousand likes and garnered attention from her followers in the comment section.  Amongst the many that commented were Mushe and Vikta. But the one comment that made waves was from Nicolas Ndawedapo who wrote “You are not cute, you are only naked. Nudity is not beauty,” Which she replied “So What,” and that was that.


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