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unWrapReviews DJ Shoza punches below weight in new video

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

By Tobias Pandeni Jesaya 

GMP’s DJ Shoza has failed to live up to his billing in his latest visuals for the song Take Me Back. 

While the song presents the best of his artistry, the video’s choreography and scripting leave a lot to be desired. The video produced by Tall Ass Nico and shot by Imagination Studio and features Gazza is somewhat mediocre of the usual class associated with GMP videos in the past.

The five minutes and some seconds long music video kicks off in black and white with the DJ attempting at his acting skills and I must say its best he sticks to dancing and producing as he is clearly not an actor. 

We could also talk about the video vixens but that will be a story for another day. Let me not get started on the little girls who are learning to dance. It somewhat took away effort given that DJ Shoza is a certified dancer yet he has mediocre dancers in his video. Fast forward, and now in colour, DJ Shoza appears looking smart with a fresh haircut and gets on with the others. The transition from the black and white to colour mode goes unexplained until the end as the energy and scenes remain consistent. 

What is most likely to throw the viewers away in the recently released video is the glaring lack of coherence between the lyrics and the visuals. For one whose hustle is it anyway? Who sold curry and Lucky Star before they came into the music scene or what is it meant to portray? What happened after that lifespan? What is the meaning of the Domino thief? The scenery and vibe do not change when Gazza receives the Levitate cassette, which is rather disappointing but we move. The chorus is all about uunona ava hava dribble but that scene did not make the cut. At least the old-school Pele soccer ball made into the video.

The collaboration with Zulu Boy who brings in the vintage feel is arguably one of the best things about the video as it portrays the growing unity spirit between Namibian creatives. Another thing to love is the Michael Jackson moves being busted by DJ Shoza.

For those who have followed GMP videos in the past one feels DJ Shoza could have done a much better job and certainly punched below his weight on this one.

Watch Take Me Back by DJ Shoza ft Gazza here!

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