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#unWrapReviews Kaboy Kamakili- E for Effort


Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

By Tobias Pandeni Jesaya 

When you hear the name Kaboy Kamakili, the first thing on your mind is rhythm. This is who he is unapologetically and his new song Otalenti shows that his ecstatic energy is his power. But is that all he can offer? 

 The song talks about life with enemies and tirelessly working to make sure that the devil doesn’t win, a good catchy chorus and all that is Zama boy.

However, as far as growth is concerned,  it is just another song. I got to give it to him for considering the flow of ideas and a storyline. This is crucial as it is essential in taking him to heights with his career. 

The song lacks anticipatable transitions from verses to the chorus. You are listening to a verse and the next thing you know it’s already onto the chorus. The outline of the song is also not well crafted as it sounds like a verse until the song is over. Mastering such small details determine the longevity and timelines of songs.

Another thing he seems to be missing out is inserting emotions in music. The only record with such quality from him is Ekwatho.

 Learning how to take his audience on emotional rollercoasters can be one thing to make him legendary.  The song is catchy, lyrically certified with a whole lot of passion, other than that it’s the same old Kaboy.



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