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Up close and personal with Top Cheri the brand ambassador

Using celebrity status to make a difference rising star Top Cheri is all about winning this year of 20 plenty as she has shown what she can do in less than two months into the year.

Top Cheri who has in recent times coined a niche of philanthropy recently announced that she has been made the Nanso Fix My Home Brand ambassador and we couldn’t help but wonder what she eats or drinks for that.


Fix my home is a social development project aimed at easing the burden of student housing.
Top Cheir and Nanso will renovate informal housing structures belonging to students in an effort to promote a conducive living and learning environment.

In this interview, unWrap gives an up close and personal with Top Cheri on here newly found fame.

(UN): What would your role as the ambassador entail?
Top Cheri (TP): Being the ambassador for the fix my home project means that I am the face of the project, everything that has to do with the media and ground work of fixing the homes. Attending all events for the project


UN: Being an ambassador also includes being influential, how do you plan, without going too deep how do you plan on doing this?
TP: By being present which is the most important role I have to play. I’ll use my influence as a Namibian artist to fix these homes and raise awareness to why a safe and stable environment is good for education.

UN: How do you personally relate to your new role as the fix my home ambassador given the fact that it’s a project aimed for young people who need to be in a safe and stable environment to call home?
TP: I must say, we all have different stories of growing up, I don’t really relate to but what I can say is every child deserves a stable and safe environment. It’s more motivating, these days kids are stressing about their living conditions instead of education. So we want to change that and by the help of a nation, we can help a few young people.



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