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Upclose and personal with Elemotho on Africa Day

Dissecting Pan-Africanism through arts and culture

Renowned Namibia musician Gaalelekwe Richardo Mosim, popularly known as Elemotho is a man of many talents.

Popular as he is for his music which has seen him travel the world, putting the Namibian name on the global map, Elemotho is a rare breed of African talent whose beliefs in love, Ubuntu and unity go beyond the music.


He is a living legend whose music knows no race, gender, ethnicity and his lyrics pierce even the deaf.

“Being a son of the motherland and having a deep love for the continent of love, anything that pushes Africa forward or shed positive light I am with it,” Elemotho told unWrap.online in an exclusive Africa day interview.

For many who are used to the jovial and energetic Elemotho character who just can’t resist dancing to the sound of rich African instruments including drums while on stage, it might come as a surprise to know that the man has his own weird beliefs and has a deep reading culture that has shaped him.

“Many years ago I read a story called Mokwena as a farm boy. I must say it was strong stuff and I read it in Setswana,” he said.

The Namibian musician believes the time has come for the African continent, long believed to be full of potential to show the world of its abilities, more so now during Africa day which he said must not only culminate in the celebration of the continent’s achievements but usher in the unity of purpose and drive development.

“They used to say Africa is the future, I say Africa is now. Our time has come, whether we grab it as the Afrobeats artist did and run with it or fate and fortune will not forgive us for pushing the spirit and energy of our ancestors forward,” he said.


Well for the courage he has shown in his past exploits whoever thought Elemotho has his own fears.

” Fear is what scares me most, for fear disables courage and hope, ” he said.

So while he remains this Namibian giant whose shadow inspires many young musicians in his country, one wonders what makes a typical favourite African dish for Elemotho.
“I had a river and vegetable dish fish in 2013 in Niger’s capital Nyamai..mmmmm..just thinking about it .mmmmm! I have eaten snake and bullfrogs as a child, although I don’t find that strange,” he said.

Well like many men he has his own beliefs when it comes to his love life.

” Love who you want and be responsible for your freedom. No one is pure in this world, we have blood from everywhere. If Corona won’t teach us to come together, nothing will,” he said adding that, “Just keep open heart, if you look for these things too hard and you just force things, forced things to come with heavy consequences.”

Elemotho said he is working on a single to keep his fans entertained during the difficulties of Covid 19.

“I am involved in a project called Together as One with many African artists and global icons for Africa Day. A lot of new live songs are also to be seen on my social media outlets. Just before Covid I had just moved to Lesotho and I was enjoying the Mountain Kingdom and parts of the Free State in South Africa, ” he said.

Just like many other African children he draws his own inspiration from his African heroes.

” The Great Thomas Sankara said this about aid and loans to Africa..”He who feeds you rules you. something we should consider as leaders of a new Africa,” he said.
Well, it is not so easy to get a joke from Elemotho.


“I don’t remember any particular funny joke right now. Last year I had a four-piece band most of the concerts and tours, although you will also perform in a trio or duo. Elemotho and the Modern Nomads live in Colmar/France also available on YouTube,” he said.


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