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Uvandje- Blossom Queen’s evolution memoir

From a new name, eye-opening music and settling down, Blossom Queen unpacks her latest album.

She is one of Namibia’s most diligent musicians who has kept true to her art over the years as a performer and entertainer. Back after she has taken some time away from the scene Blossom returns with a banger album which one can define as a reflection of Blossom the person and artist. The album titled Uvange which when loosely translated from Oshiwambo means hear me indeed speaks to the songs and lyrics as the songbird reveals so much of her personality and what she stands for. The album consists of modern-day revolution songs in which she asks African youth when they will reclaim themselves and countries.

unwrap.online had the opportunity to sit down with her majesty the queen of music and now turned entrepreneur on her life before the album, the album itself and what happens next. Here is what she had to say.

unwrap.online (UN): If you were to think back what is one experience in life that, without it, you wouldn’t be the artist you are today?
Blossom (B): Being authentic, keeping true to my identity, ideals, and beliefs.

UN: If you could describe your musical journey in a sentence, what would you say?
B: Finding gold and sharing it with the world.

UN: Where did you find artistic inspiration to do this album?

B: I reflected and meditated a lot. Being in China helped me to be in a new space where I could just focus on myself.

UN: What would you say is the theme of the album based on the songs and lyrics? What inspired the album title?

B: Uvandje inspired the album title as I believe we go through seasons in life and I have been in my seasons where I was given a crown of thorns by a few. It is now time for a golden crown as I represent my Namibian and African rhythms.

UN: What is the story behind the songs My Africa and Sigo Uunake and why did you feel the need to put it in song?

B: My Africa and Osigo Uunake are very close to my heart as I express my deepest desire for a new day for Africa at large. For too long we have been marred by a rather flawed system that seeks to benefit a few while the rest survive. Africa is a rich continent that ought to thrive, so my voice raises an awakening to a new dawn.


UN: Which of your songs are you most connected to?

B: Uvandje, Osigo Uunake, My Afrika, Wuzalekendje Oshingoli, Let Me Love You, actually all of them. Haha.


UN: Who are some of the producers and artists that you worked with on the album?

B: Jackson Wahengo inspired me on the Simoni ya Malombo acoustic remix (by Tate Kwela), Sergio from 4X4 gave the ethnic Salif Keita feel on My Afrika, as well as my favorite vocalist Micheal Pulse on Oruzuvero Ruetu. I produced my album mainly with Shakoma, a new guy on the block.

UN: At this point, would you say you are content?

B: Yes I’m very happy. In fact, I’m ready to settle down with a handsome loving gentleman and perhaps get a baby soon.


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