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Viralcom scores partnership


Namibian online music store and marketing agency, Viralcom has scored a new partnership that is deemed to make the brand bigger and better. The new endorsement with Wuma by EES will see the brand tackle marketing elements that will take it closer to the people. 

Speaking on Viralcom AB Amushila says the partnership will enable them to motivate more minds to buy more Namibian music and products. 

“Let’s put more vuma in buying and selling Namibian music,” he said. 

EES, on the partnership, says it is to strengthen and grow the industry as it is important to support local.

“What many still struggle to understand in Namibia is that teamwork is the key to success. Working together with projects like these one exchanges ideas and knowledge which benefits both parties. I am always looking for opportunities to team up young entrepreneurs and guide them with my experience. It’s very important that people in Namibia see the importance of supporting local products,” he states.

Viralcom is a platform established during the lockdown that offers an opportunity for artists to sell their music by submitting it for a minimal fee. The platform then sells the music to fans for N$3 per SMS to receive a link to gain access to the song of which the artists get their return on investment as well as curb piracy.

Viralcom has also introduced a recognised music certification criteria that places the Namibian music industry on an international pedestal. 

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