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Visible Talent Namibia: Reflecting on Kavango, Zambezi and Oshikoto regions

A lot of talent found from eating to lifting weights and more to be found too!

Visible Talent Namibia (VTN) is one of the first initiatives that target the Namibian nation to raise its aptitude to the best of its abilities. This is a platform for the nation to showcase their talents on a professional stage by mobilizing the very best in each region to compete on a higher level. This idea was brought about by the greatest talented Namibian creatives with one common goal to build a better foundation for the upcoming talents.

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Katima Auditions where extremeeeee …

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VTN will be an annual project that believes in it’s country’s creativity of each raw talent as it marks both young and old people to build a strong community of talents.

The team consisting of Top Cheri, Dion, and Tate Buti as the judges and Leena Shipwata as it’s presenter has so far covered four out of 14 regions in search of talented individuals in Namibia. Some of the identified talents include dancing, art, eating, and weight lifting and get this, with teeth!

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Rundu Auditions.

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Would you give them a Yes or a No ? #Tsumeb

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The main aim is to build and bring about entertainment to each town and the organisers plan to do so by breaking down borders of regions and bring in versatile talents to the greatest stages.


The team will be heading to Omusati Region on 27 July, Karas on 6 August, Hardap on 11 August, Ohangwena on 20 August and Kunene on 23 August, Oshana on 28 August, Otjozondjupa on 3 September, Erongo on 6 September, Khomas on 11 September and Omaheke on 14 September.

How it works, the team visits one town per region and host auditions for 100 participants to compete. Each of them will be given a fair chance to showcase their talent in five minutes. Five participants will make it to the semi-final which will round down two of the best that will qualify to the finals in Windhoek. Audition time-slot for each town will be from 13h00 till 17h00 than the round of the semi-finals from 17h00 till 19h30.


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