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WATCH: Agogo Skuza’s selfless act wins hearts

Showing money power to help tomorrow’s leaders.

“Let’s uplift the society by giving the little we have. These are the powerful words of Agogo Skuza that we all need to pay attention to.
To others, it might seem like Fabiani aka Agogo Dollar Six Champion is clout chasing by posting the video of him buying food for a young boy, but to him, it is all about making a change in the community.

Omchokolo Agogo bought a little boy groceries to take home with and toiletries to keep himself clean. He also encouraged the young fella to stay in school and when he’s done with school, to helping others who are in need just like him. The comment section on his Instagram post went nuts with many congratulating him for what he has done.


Agogo is all about positivity and motivating others, and it’s clearly seen by the way he speaks in his videos. The fact that he’s constantly being himself has become a problem for many people.

“They will love me by force, I told you I might appear simple but difficult to calculate,” says Agogo.

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