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WATCH: Arts and culture sector revival grant launched

Windhoek, Namibia on Wednesday launched N$5 million grant to bail out the country’s arts and culture sector which has been grounded by the state emergency instituted to control Covid 19.

minister of arts and culture Anna Nghipondoka

Minister of Education Arts and culture Anna Nghipondoka said the arts and culture grant will benefit both individual artists and arts organisations and will go a long way to provide income for mostly youth employed in the industry.

The funding will be allocated accordingly:

A total of N$800 000 has been set for roject grants where arts and cultural practitioners, as well as organisations, will be allocated N$ 2000 maximum per individual after submitting a proposal to receive funding. the N$ 2000 is targeted to only a total of 500 artists.

Special fund allocations of N$1500 000 will be provided to independent art and culture institutions to continue operating during this challenging time. This will only be upon receipt and approval of proposals aimed at continuing their activities or supporting new initiatives aimed at mitigating the impact of COVID-19 on practitioners in the arts and culture sector. Each art and/or culture organization or company is eligible for N$ 75,000 maximum between 20 and 40 organisations will benefit. N$100 000 has also been allocated for organisations that support people with disabilities in the arts and culture sector.

Besides monetary support, there will be community outreach initiatives that provide workshops as well as sanitation and health tools to art organisations.

The Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture through the Directorates of Arts and National Heritage and Cultural Programmes support various public cultural institutions. Thus, support of N$ 1 million may be provided to implement various initiatives to mitigate the impact of COVID 19 to the sector and that directly benefit artists and/or cultural practitioners. Artists can also apply for funds developed for programs through these seven institutions namely COTA with N$50 000, Nascam with N$150 000, National Art Gallery of Namibia with N$150 00, the National Theatre of Namibia with N$150 000, Museums Association of Namibia with N$150 000 and the Namibia Film Commission N$250 000.

Also speaking at the launch of grant National Arts Council Chairperson Patrick Sam said the grant comes at the right time.

“The aim of the relief fund will be to support arts and culture practitioners and institutions to continue implementing their mandates and to sustain their operations during the COVID 19 Pandemic in order to maintain their impact in the Cultural and Creative Industries (CCI). The Fund will focus on providing grants to arts and culture practitioners and organisations, with a priority focus being given to those that fall in special needs categories such as, those living with disabilities, vulnerable, living in marginalized communities, and from rural and/or indigenous communities,” he said.

The grant will run for a period of three months and the initial application date soon to be announced.


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