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WATCH: Chikune opens up on overcoming confidence issues

You may have seen her kill her live sets or recorded visuals but alas, away from the limelight she is just as normal as they come with imperfections. 

Yesterday award-winning Chikune used her Instagram live to bare her soul to her fans on a topic many barely believe celebrities go through. The Kapana singer openly discussed some of her personal feelings, sharing with her fans that she suffers from low self-confidence, which is the reason why she is hardly interactive on her social mediums particularly when it comes to using videos as a means of communication. 


“ There is a reason why I am so withdrawn, I am actually very uncomfortable in front of the camera but that is because of a lack of confidence. I am working on it and slowly but surely we will get there,” she said. 

The medical student, however, seems to have had two breakthroughs in combating her self esteem as she not only shared her issue but she also made a video, taking part in the worldwide #DontRushChallenge showcasing just how diverse of an individual and artist she is. 

 “ Check it out and see who I am,” she concluded.


Low self-esteem issues are very common in celebrities despite their successful careers filled with lavish lifestyles and millions of fans who adorn the grounds they walk on. Nigerian superstar Tiwa Savage who is due to perform in Namibia recently came out about her battles with low self-esteem. 

The singer ended her video encouraging the public to adhere to the lockdown regulations in order for life to resume to what we know it as.



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