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WATCH: Hilifa94 drops Caught in moment visuals

If you haven’t watched Hilifa94 featuring Mitch Nation’s visuals yet, you have a chance to redeem yourself now!

Losing someone you love is always hard especially when it comes to their untimely death which is caused by someone who was being irresponsible by drinking and driving, sucks right, here to show you why it’s so wrong and how driving while intoxicated is rapper Hilifa94 who recently dropped his Caught in the Moment ft. Mitch Nation music video today.

The song talks about road safety and road accidents awareness and the dangers of drinking while driving with so many dangers afflicted by such acts, this song specifically speaks on both sides and how it affects  both the victim’s family and the assailant’s. It also talks about the feelings and emotions involved in the healing process for both sides in trying to move on from this hard ordeal.

Some of the most intense lyrics came from Mitch Nation who acted as the victim’s son in this situation.

“Caught in the moment, I don’t know how to feel, I don’t know how to talk to you, I don’t know the drill, I don’t know whether to hide my feelings or be real, I am just looking for answers I am just trying to heal,” Mitch Nation spat on the beat.

Hilifa94 killed his flow by trying to explain to Mitch Nation about why he was drinking and driving, in his verse he lost his eight months year old baby girl, his got pregnant and had a miscarriage and the doctors told him that his wife is barren, a few months later she got pregnant and he was just way too scared to get attached to a child he might lose again so he turned to alcohol once in a while, he ended up killing the victim’s father on the way to hospital when he heard that his wife is in labor he also apologized and showed his deepest condolences. The official music video can be found on YouTube at Hilifa94’s XCIV official channel.

Drinking and driving is against our constitutional laws and killing someone because you are hyped is not fun at all! So avoid drinking while driving and save your life and someone else’s by respecting  everyone using the road, stay safe and save a life!


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