Home News WATCH: Namibian influencers Take Charge to fight Covid-19

WATCH: Namibian influencers Take Charge to fight Covid-19

Marketing firms use influencers to fight Covid 19.

Take Charge Nam is a non-profitable organisation that not only aims to Educate the nation on the
COVID-19 Pandemic.

After Namibia reported its first confirmed case of COVID -19 Kufindi Investments, Allan HS Media,
Imagination Studio and Maya Neto Films four individual companies came together to form the Take Charge Nam campaign.

Take Charge Nam aims to spread awareness on the prevention and control of COVID -19 (Coronavirus). The Campaign aims to educate the Namibian people in the local languages using print, broadcast and digital platforms. Take Charge Nam has heard the call from the president asking on Namibians to take responsibility in combating the spread of Covid-19.

The Six young Namibian entrepreneurs (Rousa Shikoha, Ndeshimana T. Nghimwena, Hilary Malongoi, Mepani Mbaindjikua, Petro Mavungu and Maya Neto) in their endeavour to contribute to the national and governmental efforts have taken the campaign on as their social responsibility. The entrepreneurs working in the Marketing and Production industry on the 17 March 2020 launched the campaign on social media to educate residents across Namibia on the risks of the coronavirus and the necessary precautions.

The campaign has been organised with the participation of Namibian Public figures such as musicians, media personalities, business owners and influencers. They all believe Namibia must unite in the fight against the spread of COVID -19. Take Charge Nam aims to contribute to reducing the spread of Covid-19 by producing adverts in different languages to be published on television, radio, newspapers and social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. This will support the goal of reaching the largest possible number of targeted groups.

The adverts will focus on the distribution of factual information as put out by the World Health
The organization, such as the need to maintain personal hygiene including household cleanliness, the difference between isolation and quarantine, things to do at home such as exercise, and ensuring food hygiene.

Take Charge Nam stressed that this initiative will help reach different people in both the urban and rural areas. They believe that if the Namibian are provided with the right information it will stop the spread of fear and panic. With the campaign, we hope to get the Namibian people to work together to help limit the spread of the COVID -19 and prevent our healthcare system from being overloaded.
It is with this initiative that we call on all companies to stand with us by joining the campaign and by
doing so they will be helping the government in the fight against the COVID-19 and safeguarding the health of their employees, families, Namibia and the world at large.

Stakeholders and individuals who would like to assist the Take Charge Nam Campaign please contact +264 81771 1582 or via email: consult@kufindi.com


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