Home WATCH: PDK’s Patrick and family share COVID-19 message in song

WATCH: PDK’s Patrick and family share COVID-19 message in song

Here is some positive, soothing and different message that we should all adhere to!

The coronavirus has rocked the lives of the general public and celebrities alike, prompting several personalities to share messages on their platforms encouraging their followers to tread carefully in light of the virus’ spread.

This week, vocalist Patrick from award winning group PDK and his family sent out a message to flatten the coronavirus numbers curve in song. In an interview with unwrap.online, Patrick says the inspiration came from his daughter, Joy.

“ We were prompted by the fact that people are still going and we just thought as a family it would make a change to post this message out and they would in return do the same as one too. My kid was singing the song the whole day and she urged us to do a song too and we did. There were barely rehearsals,” he said.

Patrick’s daughter Joy has caught the attention of many with her ability to hit notes like her dad. According to her dad, Joy has learnt everything she knows on her own.

“ She is self taught. I only guide her when she’s not doing what she’s supposed to do. She does everything on her own.” he said.


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