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What’s next, Kaboy Kamakili?

Namibia is in for a sweet treat from Kaboy Kamakili!

Kaboy Kamakili went from an underground artist to an overnight internet sensation in a space of a week thanks to social media and the positive vibes tips Namibian tweeps are on. One minute Kaboy Kamakili is in the northern town of Namibia Ondangwa where is from and the next, he is in Windhoek performing for the hundreds of people who turned up at the sixth Kasi Vibe festival at Sam Nujoma Stadium.

We can’t deny the talent of the young man as right now, the very same people are rooting for the kwaito singer to perform at the biggest entertainment stage in Namibia, the NAMAs. Everything is going well for the artist under his label OnFleek Music but there is a question that some people who believe all the hype is bound to be over soon and that is what is next for Kaboy Kamakili?


Well for one, the singer who is famously known for his line ‘give me a green color’ for one says he still can’t believe his life has changed for the better in a split of a second. Kaboy, in awe about all the support and appreciation he has been getting all these past days.
Kaboy Kamakili recently put out his wishlist which consisted of several renowned artists names whom he would love to work with. The list consisted of artists like Sally Boss Madam, Exit, DJ Kboz, King Tee Dee, Top Cheri, and DJ Castro just to mention a few and it is safe to say that magic is underway as his manager has confirmed that they are working closely with DJ Kboz on the debut album. Kaboy Kamakili’s debut album promises to be lit as it will feature artists on his wish list and many more.

“Namibia can expect a 13 if not 15 track album from him titled First Year by the end of August. His fans can expect songs of him being featured by the likes of PDK, Markes Haufiku, King Tee Dee, Top Cheri and other artists that he grew up listening to,” Said Abed Jona.


Kaboy Kamakili’s life before all this was uncalled for as he used to be a hustler on the streets of Ondangwa. He calls on the nation to guide advice and assist him throughout the production of his first studio album. His advice for other underground artists is to never give up on what they believe in.

“This one is for my family, friends, fans and everyone who believes in his talents. The future belongs to no one. Everyone rocks! Thank you all for the love,” Kaboy Kamakili.




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