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Winning Season chapter break down: Positive Attitude

Winning attitude. These are words that many use daily in passing conversations easily. However, it seems as there is no deeper understanding of what these words mean for your life and how one can implement the action of having a positive attitude. The author of self-help soon to be released book Immanuel Musongo says, in his first chapter that it is all in the power of affirming. The doctor and author, in his book Winning Season: the power of small wins says that many a time the difference between those people and the people that don’t reach their goals or their dreams in life is one thing and that one thing is a positive attitude.

” You never know what’s in a person’s heart and just how hard someone will work for something. You never know how bad someone wants something in life and how far they will
go to achieve it. We hear every day about how people reach amazing goals or reach amazing heights in life,” he utters.

Winning Season: the power of small wins is a book which is referred to as a cookbook is a construction manual that describes common obstacles and gives one tool to overcome them. To be launched on 29 November, Winning Season: The power of small wins is currently available for pre-order via the book’s social media platforms in three different options.


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