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Witbooi’s Sjambok to whip up laughs

By Jeoffrey Mukubi

2020 was not been what the whole world expected to be, but now that many have adapted to the new way of life, last year maybe just a distant memory and the Free Your Mind (FYM) crew intend to remind people hilarious it turned out to be.

The FYM crew is starting the year off with a reflection show titled Witbooi’s Sjambok, which at the core of it intends to explore and generate mass introspection and a critical self-analysis from the country’s political leadership.

It also aims to encourage a safe political landscape between rivals’ oppositions and the ruling party, where the different political players will be portrayed by the comedians, with exaggerated features, using the platform to roast, grill and stimulate the leaders to do and be better and giving them a shake of reality in the process while humbling them.

“Witbooi’s Sjambok is a reflection on how we have experienced last year. Looking at us now and asking the question (would our forefathers be happy right now if they saw us?),” said Slick the Dick, Co-founder of FYM.

“We will look at the politics from last year, how we handled Covid-19, the elections, and classism in Namibia and how that affects who gets immediate help and relief, not forgetting Fishrot,” he said.

The show as a political satire will be utilized to address issues such as the Namibian political leadership and its shortcomings, active youth participation and our loyalty to Namibia. Furthermore, FYM plans to have only six shows as main shows this year because of the ongoing pandemic.

“We are trying to minimize output live and go digital and we will be doing a lot more audiovisual work for online and TV this. We have a web series that is currently running for the smart cut campaign and we are working on a concept called the FYM show for TV and online,” Slick said.

FYM will also run a training camp for artists but mainly comics, where they will be given performing arts skills and techniques.


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