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World AIDS Day walkathon by King Tee Dee

King Tee Dee commemorates The World AIDS day with a walkathon with the United States Ambassador to Namibia Lisa Anne Johnson. 


World AIDS Day takes place every 1 December both in Namibia and internationally to raise awareness and information of the pandemic. This day was instated since 1988 and is the first ever global health day having powerful organisations such as the World Health Organisation (WHO) campaigning it.  

According to The Ministry of Health and Social Service, Namibia has made significant strides in responding to the HIV epidemic as more people know of their HIV status and those infected with HIV are on treatment.  

All this possible due to efforts by health organisations but also to Namibian taking charge and informing the nation of HIV and AIDS. This is year, the Award-Winning kwaito artist posted on social media post that The World AIDS day will be celebrated at the Sam Nujoma Stadium. According to videos posted by the King Tee Dee, Namibians showed up in numbers to commemorate the day. 

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Let's fight HIV

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The kwaito artist posted, “Be on the safe side and prevention is always better than cure & and if you are having the disease please stick to medication,” which fans appreciated the narrative of spreading awareness. In deed, Namibia has come far in our fight against the disease and our progress is something to commended and continued to reach our goal of epidemic control. 


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