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Yes to Chelsi Shikongo’s teen campaign!

International model Chelsi Shikongo has started a campaign to empower teens.

Chelsi Shikongo is one force of nature who dares to make a difference in her community and country at large. Having realised the many social ills happening, the model who is currently on billboards in the Philippines and other countries has decided to use her social status for a good cause through her I Can Say No campaign.

According to her recent post on social media explaining her aspirations with the campaign, I Can Say No, is a teen empowerment campaign with the aim of promoting abstinence, prevent and minimize the rate of teenage pregnancies in Namibia. Comprehensive sex education and communication programs will be held by Chelsi Shikongo regarding these factors affecting the lives of teens in Namibia through the campaign.


Chelsi Shikongo also started customizing I Can Say hand-crafted t-shirts which is one of the few baby steps she took to having discussion programs with teenagers. The model urges everyone who would love to purchase her t-shirts or talk about the campaign to personally contact her for more details. She then ends by appreciating herself on how far she came after chasing her dreams with a post too. Self-care and love are indeed crucial and it is necessary for one to praise themselves now and then.

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