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Young T is daddy goals

Young T shares sweet heartfelt message for little Ethan.

Little Ethan, the adorable son of award-winning artist Young T, celebrated his first birthday, and his proud dad took to Instagram to gush over his son.

The heartfelt message from Young T to his song Ethan will have you craving for babies and a father like him. The singer literally poured his heart out for his son’s first birthday saying that he changed his life around and in a good way. Instead of being materialistic, Young T said because of his son, he opted to be grounded and invested in assets for his son, E.

Cue our hearts melting. As if that wasn’t cute enough, the Just Another Greedy Vambu singer dad wrote a touching caption for the image.

“You came in my life and changed how I think! It’s because of you I didn’t buy a new car last year but went paid off the house, I didn’t upgrade to the latest iPhone but I went and bought extra studio equipment and CarWash machinery! That’s your stuff, my nigga, all yours!! I love you E! I love you, my nigga,” he wrote.

He is only a year old but little Ethan seems to have such a bright future ahead of him.


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