Home Entertainment Your desperate need 4 attention had been noticed AB Pro- DJ Kboz

Your desperate need 4 attention had been noticed AB Pro- DJ Kboz

Kboz calls AB Pro out on YouTube Top 10 video

Artist managers DJ Kboz and AB Pro this afternoon got onto each other’s mentions after what seemed to be a misunderstanding with regards to a compilation list of the top ten music videos of the year 2018 that was compiled by the DJ and producer on 29 December 2018 on Facebook.

In response to a post on Facebook by AB Pro, Dj Kboz said AB’s desperate need for attention has been noticed.

AB’s post read: “Where’s the Top 10 Most viewed Video ratings this year. It would be nice to just be in there coz I know both Sim Do A and Touch are in there, as well as Top Cheri’s Johnny , KP Illest ,Kalux, Tswazis and Lioness in there. Convey the message. We want to flex Oso. Funny enough Namtere was never featured even though it had more numbers, or how does it work??”

DJ Kboz responded to the post on Twitter saying: “Mr AB Pro, I’m the one who releases the YouTube Top 10 every year. If you really followed my post you would see I do around October. Your desperate need 4 attention had been noticed. Don’t worry. We see your artists worked hard this year and they will definitely make it. Peace. “ AB Pro further said he was humbled that DJ Kboz got a hold of his Facebook post.


Kboz responded to AB Pro once again and called him a bitter manager.

“It sounds like you need approval to exist. Just work hard and let the rest take its’s course,” said Kboz.

When Kboz uploaded his initial list in 2018, he also requested his Facebook followers to add videos that he might have forgotten to add to his list. AB Pro might have been offended because his artist Adora Kisting was not included on the list and that is why he posted his status on Facebook bashing Kboz for his compilation of the most streamed local YouTube videos in 2018.

From the looks of things Kboz will continue posting his controversial list later this year and AB Pro says he is looking forward to see Adora on the list.


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