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Zach on nurturing your inner-self

By Emilie Shimbali

Renowned model and artist Zach Kaurisa also known as Zach, has brewed his own remedy for defeating the “inside saboteur” in his newest social media conversation release, titled ‘Identity, sabotage and goals’.

He rolled this message out on his Instagram page as a way to encourage everyone to pick themselves up whenever they feel that the inner criticism is much more tugging at your sleeve making an unwelcome cameo always.

Zach spoke more about avoiding the habits that encourage self sabotage, the importance of self-identity as well as believing in your wins rather than constantly chasing the next big goal.

“A goal is just a fragment of an identity. It is something specific, isolated, ex amount of money, job title, body or relationships. Once a goal is achieved it stops, but for an identity this is a lobust structure that comes with assumptions, expectations, whole lifestyle, carrying oneself and dealing with the positives and negatives. If a person identifies them it doesn’t end but they continuously live with it for the rest their lives,” Zach explains.

In addition to shedding more light to identity, he also offered tips on how one can put oneself in their best versions and become their own cheerleader. He states that, if it requires your identity to go to the gym and do body workouts then just do it.

For 99% there will always be conflicts between the new identity and the one associated with us often. According to him, many people tend to repeat the circle many times that is why they could not tell why they stopped.

“Everyone has  goals, wants and desires but the reason they stop fail is not because they lack motivation or desire but we need to avoid  sabotaging, for one needs to stop chasing goals and start chasing their identities as it runs longer,” said Zach.


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