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Zikii spread the love – it’s an album with no skipping required

Up and coming Afro-pop artist Zikizee Hangero better known as Zikii sparkles on her debut album, Spread the love, which is dominated by matters of the heart.

Conscious, ambitious and intricate, Zikii composes an absolute and excellent blend of Afro-pop-rnb sounds and themes with sharp, modern song writing, full of soul and passion, but still vividly presented through strong musicianship.

Zikii’s voice and persona are endearing in ways not often found, let alone in a young performer. 

She is an example of a singular artist stepping out on her own, sounding as fresh, as bold and all this adds up to an extremely satisfy musical treat for all of us.

Released on the 28th November 2019, Spread the love breathes new life into the Afro-pop genre.

This album features tracks that are socially aware and simultaneously catchy and groovy which sets a testament to the strength of the album.

Embrace yourself, is the celebrating-yourself anthem on the album. Also, it’s so catchy that it’ll be on repeat in your brain for the next week, which can’t be bad for your self-esteem. 

In Kanangui (This person), the singer cautions about the peoples we let in our lives with no good intentions, those who are ready to celebrate our downfalls. Toxic relationships that are worse for your happiness, this track counsels that sometimes you just need to embrace following your own path, and doing away with the negativity that might come from past relationships. 

There’s something really powerful in celebrating life, and declaring that you deserve better. “Ii mundu uandje (yes,dear) ” is the song for these moments, this one is perfect for those dark days when you’re your own worst enemy, and you need to shake off some negativity. By the time the chorus hits and Zikii is singing to the rooftops, you’ll be in full-blown purification mode.

With minimal effort, in Old school love, Zikii impressively delivers the kind of love that is rare – hard to find nowadays. The kind of love that still makes you tingles when the special someone touches you. The rhythm of the tune sets pace, slow yet hypnotic pulling the listener in, it expresses the old fashion love. 

Rituapehi (Calm yourself down) – Again honest when it comes to love, Zikii wont surrender till she and bae, give love another chance and make it work.

How do they feel, pays tribute to fallen heroes and heroines and questions whether they are wishing us well or laughing at us?

She asks for mercy in, Forgive me, this one will ease you into feeling better, knowing that God will ride with you irrespective of your situation.

At first listen, it might sound like another old-fashioned Afro-pop album but the more you listen to it, the more complex it becomes.

If you’re at all interested in casual, Afro-pop, you should listen to this album. If you’re not into any of that, you should probably still give it a try.

The album is available on iTunes, Deezer, Spotify, Apple Music and hard copies are available from Itunua Mbasuva at 0856453083.

Bookings can be done also through Itunua Mbasuva at 0856453083 or itunuam@gmail.com


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